Remedies for warts and papillomas in pharmacies - names, properties

Warts are benign formations located on the surface of the skin and exceeding its limits. Growths have different sizes and shapes, differ from each other in color. However, they are all associated with the defeat of the body by the papillomavirus. Which drugstore papilloma and warts remedy is better to choose? This topic will be explored in detail in the article.

The papilloma virus settles in the lower layer of the epidermis, causing new cells to grow and divide. Sometimes a person independently cures papillomas without specific drugs. But most often the formations disappear only after intensive treatment, and in severe cases they degenerate into oncological tumors.

A wart on the skin that requires removal with drugstore products

Warts often cause the patient only moral discomfort, as warts located on open areas of the skin look unsightly.

Another reason for the need for treatment is a slight injury to warts located on accessible areas of the body (arms, legs, head). Mechanical damage leads to wart size growth or infection.

There are several ways to get rid of the problem: surgical and conservative. Most often, doctors resort to the second technique.

Varieties of remedies for warts

Benign growths are removed with several types of drugs. All of them lead to the destruction of pathological education and the gradual death of its cells. To do this, use:

  • freezing agents;
  • keratolytics;
  • immunomodulators;
  • products based on natural ingredients;
  • softening plasters.

To understand the therapeutic effect of individual groups of drugs, it is necessary to consider each drug separately. The above drugs cannot be used for self-treatment if a person is not sure of the exact reasons for its occurrence. Drug treatment for malignant papilloma can make the condition worse.


The drugs work like liquid nitrogen. Due to the freezing effect, the wart gradually disappears. After full treatment, the neoplasm is mummified and disappears.

The drugs of the group include:

  1. A product whose active ingredients are dimethyl alcohol and propane. It is produced in the form of a spray bottle. The drug is used to combat plantar papillomas and small formations. The spray is applied to a special applicator and applied to problem areas of the skin for 10-30 seconds - it all depends on the size of the papilloma. If the accumulation has not disappeared after the first cycle of treatment, treatment is resumed until the complete disappearance of the rash, with a break of 2 weeks. In advanced cases, 3 or more courses may be necessary. The remedy is contraindicated for cauterization of warts in children, pregnant women and people with diabetes mellitus.
  2. A spray that is prescribed to remove neoplasms less than 7 mm in diameter. The drug has a composition similar to the previous drug and identical contraindications to use.

The effectiveness of freezing drugs is questionable, despite the high cost. Numerous user reviews have been collected on the Internet, which indicate the uselessness of cryopreparations in the treatment of papillomatosis. Cases of damage to healthy areas of the epidermis have also been described. Freezing agents should be used with caution to avoid skin burns.

Creams and gels

Papillomas and warts can be removed not only with the help of solutions, but also with gels, ointments with a thick composition. The best ways to eliminate problematic formations are presented below:

  1. A remedy for warts and papillomas with a strong antiviral effect. The active ingredient in the composition is recombinant alpha-2 interferon for humans. The ointment is used to combat growths that occur in any area. A side effect of the treatment is possible scarring and scarring of the skin.
  2. A gel that promotes the death of HSV in infected cells and prevents the spread of a viral infection to healthy areas of the skin. It is based on a natural component - purified extract of potato sprouts, hexose glycoside. The drug is applied to the lesions 4-5 times a day and does not cause discomfort after use. The drug is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 6 years old.
  3. Cream for external use, modifying the immune response. The active substances of the agent activate the production of interferon in the body. The composition is applied to the wart once a day and washed off after 8-10 hours. It is not recommended to apply the cream to the mucous membranes in order to avoid burns.
  4. Ointment with dioxotetrahydroxytetrahydronaphthalene, which has an antiviral effect. The components of the ointment destroy pathogenic microorganisms in the layers of the epithelium. Suitable for combating all types of benign formations (genital warts, papillomas, warts) and is safe for children, pregnant women. After therapy, no scar remains on the surface of the skin. The ointment is applied to problem areas of the skin 3-4 times a day.
  5. Cream, which contains only natural ingredients - mummy, cedar resin, oak and fir bark, larch gum. In this regard, the drug has a minimum list of contraindications and side effects, in addition to allergies to the components. The cream is applied to the wart once a day, before bedtime. After reducing the size of the accumulation, the procedure is carried out 2 times a week.

Remedies for papillomas and warts, oral and IM

Medicines in the form of tablets and injections are considered by doctors to be effective in combating the problems. This is due to their complex therapeutic effect on the body of a sick person - antiviral, immunomodulatory.

To eliminate benign neoplasms, the following pharmaceutical agents are used:

  1. A preparation based on inosine in the form of tablets. Effective for the treatment of papillomas located on the body, head and face, as well as for condyloma. The instructions say that adults and children over 12 years old should take 2 tablets 3 times a day for 2 weeks. For children over 3 years of age, the drug is prescribed at the rate of 500 mg per 10 kg of body weight. The price of the tablets depends on the number of capsules in the package. It is characterized by antiviral, immunomodulatory and antibacterial activity.
  2. A relatively new drug containing meglumine acridone acetate - a low molecular weight interferon inducer, produced in tablets and ampoules for injections. The active components of the agent inhibit the development of the virus in the body and restore the body's defenses. Injections with the solution are carried out according to the scheme: once a day for 2 days, then every other day for 3 days, then after 3 days. The duration of treatment is determined by a specialist. To get the result, at least 10 injections are needed. With a mild form of papillomatosis, they resort to pills. Take 1 capsule per day for 10 days.
  3. Inducer of the synthesis of endogenous interferons in the form of an injectable solution. Its therapeutic effect is to stimulate the production of antibodies against viral infections and to strengthen the body's defenses. To reduce the number and size of growths, it is necessary to perform 6 injections (1 injection every 2 days). An effective remedy for warts, but it is not available to all patients.

According to the reviews of patients, a combination of immunomodulatory drugs with antibacterial agents allows to achieve a positive effect of therapy.

Necrotizing drugs

The group of funds includes drugs of aggressive composition that provoke the death of neoplastic tissues. For this purpose, solutions with acids or alkalis are mainly prescribed. Use papilloma remedies with caution to rule out burns to healthy structures. The list of the most effective solutions includes:

  1. A drug with phenol, which is an oily liquid. Small growths are treated with a solution once a day. To burn large formations, at least 3 treatment procedures are required.
  2. A drug that contains 2 aggressive components. The solution destroys the wart by coagulating the proteins in its cells.
  3. Means for removing warts contains several types of aggressive acids: acetic, oxalic, lactic.

Recently, many new products have appeared on the market and are difficult to find in pharmacies. The preparations are based on herbal ingredients which are safe for human skin. They help get rid of unwanted growths in 1 to 1. 5 months.

Traditional medicine

There are many folk remedies for warts and papillomas. The most popular and effective should be listed:

  1. Garlic ointment: a porridge is made with acetic acid, lard, and a few cloves of garlic. The product obtained is applied to the wart at night. A small piece of bandage is applied to the treated skin area. The procedure is repeated until the skin is completely cleansed.
  2. Honey onion ointment. The drug is not suitable for people who are allergic to bee products. Vegetable juice is mixed with honey in a ratio of 2: 1.
  3. Celandine. The plant is cut closer to the root, and the warts are smeared with yellow juice every 3-4 hours. Education disappears a month after such treatment.

There are many pharmaceutical and folk remedies available for removing papillomas from the surface of the skin. However, all must be agreed with the doctor. Treating moles or malignant tumors with the above methods may lead to worsening of the condition or infection of the epidermis.